as of version 1.0.1

Stopwords and Stemmer

Stopwords are common words in a language, that to not add any relevance to a document but will bloat the search index and return less meaningful results for searches. Examples are "the" or "a" in english language. Stemmer are language specific rules that reduce a word to its basic form, such as "men => man" or "houses => house". Stemmer usually ensures, that searches will find results, even if the grammatical number or case of the search term does not match the grammatical number / case of the indexed term.

Modify stemmer / stopwords

Stemmer as well as stopwords are configured while indexing in \SwagEnterpriseSearch\Bundle\ESIndexingBundle\IndexingSettings\Settings. For each shop SES will find the corresponding language and choose stopwords / stemmer based on the language locale. ElasticSearch has a lot of stemmer / stopword filters built in. In \SwagEnterpriseSearch\Bundle\ESIndexingBundle\IndexingSettings\ElasticMapping SES maintains a mapping list in order to map language locales to the corresponding ElasticSearch stopword / stemmer configuration:

class ElasticMapping implements ElasticMappingInterface
    public function getStopwordMapping(): array
        return [
            'de' => '_german_',
            'en' => '_english_',
            'fr' => '_french_',
            'nl' => '_dutch_',
            'it' => '_italian_',

    public function getStemmerMapping(): array
        return [
            'de' => 'light_german',
            'en' => 'english',
            'fr' => 'light_french',
            'nl' => 'dutch',
            'it' => 'light_italian',


In order to change or extend this mapping list, you can decorate the ElasticMapping service and modify the stopword mapping getStopwordMapping or the stemmer mapping getStemmerMapping.

Own stopwords list

By default SES will use the default stopword list of ElasticSearch as mapped in ElasticMapping. However, you are able to overwrite stopwords per language. In order to do so, configure a stopword directory in your config.php:

// your default config.php content
// …
'es' => [
    // your default ES configuration
    // …
    'stopword_directory' => '/var/www/stopwords/'

In this directory now create per-language stopwords files such as en.txt. Each line should hold one stopword:

# file: /var/www/stopwords/en.txt


For more details of the implementation see \SwagEnterpriseSearch\Bundle\ESIndexingBundle\IndexingSettings\Stopwords.

Notice: As stopwords and stemmer are configured while indexing, changes will only apply after a full re-index.