The Development Environment

The development environment

The Github repo of SES contains the full development stack for SES. This is useful for developing SES itself - or just for trying it out quickly.

After checking out the repository, step into the SES directory:

git clone
cd swagenterprisesearch

Now setup the docker environment using the build script:

./psh.phar docker:start

This process might take several minutes and will setup docker containers for shopware, MySQL and ElasticSearch. In order to install shopware with SES in docker, you need to SSH into the container and run the corrsponding build script:

./psh.phar docker:ssh
./psh.phar init

After this, populate the ES index with ./psh.phar es-index. After doing so the shop can be reached at on your local machine.

Unit tests

In order to run unit tests, execute ./psh.phar unit-fast. The coverage is built using ./psh.phar coverage.