In general the SDK supports all units which are available in Shopware by default. But the SDK supports even more units for the most common purposes. The following units can be added and used in products without further changes. The key has to match in order to export the products properly.

All default units are stored in a static property inside src/main/Shopware/Connect/Units.php.

Supported Units in SDK

Key English title German title
b Byte(s) Byte
kb Kilobyte(s) Kilobyte
mb Megabyte(s) Megabyte
gb Gigabyte(s) Gigabyte
tb Terabyte(s) Terabyte
g Gram(s) Gramm
kg Kilogram(s) Kilogramm
mg Milligram(s) Milligramm
oz Ounce(s) Unze
lb Pound(s) Pfund
t Ton(s) Tonne
l Litre(s) Liter
ft^3 Cubic foot/feet Kubikfuß
in^3 Cubic inch(es) Kubikzoll
m^3 cubic meter Kubikmeter
yd^3 cubic yard(s) Kubikyard
fl oz fluid ounce(s) Flüssigunze
gal Gallon(s) Gallonen
ml Millilitre(s) Milliliter
qt Quart(s) Quart
m Metre(s) Meter
cm Centimetre(s) Zentimeter
ft Foot/feet Fuß
in Inch(es) Zoll
km Kilometre(s) Kilometer
mm Millimetre(s) Millimeter
yd yard(s) Yard
piece Piece(s) Stück
bottle Bottle(s) Flasche
crate Crate(s) Kiste
can Can(s) Dose
capsule Capsule(s) Kapsel
box Box(es) Karton(s)
glass Glass(es) Glas
kit Kit(s) -
pack Pack(s) Packung(en)
package Package(s) Paket(e)
pair Pair(s) Paar
roll Roll(s) Rolle
set Set(s) -
sheet Sheet(s) Blatt
ticket Ticket(s) -
unit Unit(s) VKE
second Second(s) Sekunde
day Day(s) Tag
hour Hour(s) Stunde
minute Minute(s) Minute
month Month(s) Monat(e)
night Night(s) Nacht
week Week(s) Woche
year Year(s) Jahr(e)
m^2 Square metre(s) Quadratmeter
cm^2 Square centimetre(s) Quadratzentimeter
ft^2 Square foot/feet Quadratfuß
in^2 Square inch(es) Quadratzoll
mm^2 Square milimetre(s) Quadratmillimeter
yd^2 Square yard(s) Quadratyard
lfm Running metre Laufender Meter