Product streams


An overview about all product streams and the products they contain. Product stream A stream of all products you selected. The filter settings can be used to specify which products the stream contains.

If you want to make an offer to another merchant, you have to add a product stream.
Use the "Add product stream"-Button to create a new product stream.

Stream name: The name of the new stream
Private: The stream will not shown public to other merchants(Use this option if the new Product Stream should not be public visible to all merchants. This means that no merchant can require the created stream, but you can create offers to merchant based on this stream.)
Fixed: Product streams will be fixed and products that match the filter won´t be refreshed(If this option is enabled, products which are specified in your stream won´t be added. It´s a fixed stream without refreshing products.)
Description: A short description to your product stream

To filter products, several filters are available: Category, Price, SKU/EAN, Manufacturer and Name.
If you e.g. only want to have products from a particular manufacturer, you can choose the manufacturer filter. The stream will then contain only products from the selected manufacturer.

"Create product stream" will create your stream with the chosen options.

Supplier products

All products that you receive from suppliers and are synced to your shop.
There are several filters available to filter your products.

Products in merchant shops

All of your products which are listed in merchant shops.
There are several filters available to filter your products.