Using the filter syntax

This guide will tell you how to use the filter syntax of Shopware Connect.

Enabling the filter syntax

The filter syntax is a replacement for the standard and simple filter panel. Switching to the more powerful filter syntax is a marketplace-level setting that can only be done by Shopware. Please tell us if you are interested in this function and we will enable it for you.

The filter syntax

The filter syntax replaces the standard filter panel with queries like "vendor = 'shopware' and price > 5". This creates a lot of new opportunities to filter your data in the way you need it. The following fields can be filtered:

name type
sku string
ean string
vendor string
vendor_search string
title string
shortDescription string
longDescription string
language string
currency string
url string
price number
availability number
productId number
vat number
shopId number
sourceId number
purchasePrice number
fixedPrice number
grossPrice number
deliveryWorkDays number

Now regarding to the syntax: a condition consists of the fieldname, an operator and the value. Strings must be quoted if they contain spaces. Numbers don't require quotes, but it won't break the syntax, either. The operators that can be used are limited by the type - number or string. These operators apply:

type operators
string =
number < > <= >=

Conditions can be chained with 'or' or 'and'.