Export products

Export products to connect

As a supplier, first you have to export products to connect. After the export, your products are available in the social network of connect.

In the first step, choose "export" in the Connect plugin to export products to connect.

To export products, it´s required to define a pricetype. You can specify which prices and descriptions are exported to connect.

Select the products you want to export to connect or select all and start the process.

After some time the status symbol should change from the blue arrow symbol to the green check symbol, that means that the product is successfully exported to connect. To start the synchronization immediately you click the "Synchronize now" button in the social network -> settings -> synchronization.

After the login to connect social network, all exported products are shown in the product overview. The next step would be the creation of a stream to make an offer to some merchants.

Make an offer to merchants

First you have to create a stream with products to make an offer.

After that you can make an offer to your merchant. Usually merchants will ask you for an offer. In this case, you will receive a message with a request from the merchant, where you can send him an offer back. You can also make an offer to the merchant without a request.