The dashboard is an overview of all processes like requests, offers, sales and conditions.


Incoming and outgoing requests

Incoming requests: All incoming requests from other merchants.
Outgoing request: An overview of all inquiries you have made.

It is possible to filter the requests by date or to search for them. "Show declined requests" shows the declines requests.

The actions buttons also allow you to create an offer based on the request or reject it.


Outgoing and incoming offers

Outgoing offers: All outgoing offers to other merchants.
Incoming offers: An overview of all incoming offers from suppliers.

It is possible to filter all offers by date or to search for them. It can also be filtered to all, active, inactive, open, declined and expired.

The actions buttons can be used to show, copy or disable an offer. Use the "Create offer" button to create a new offer to a merchant.


Orders in shops

All orders in merchant and in your shop.

It is possible to search orders and filter by date. You can also show completed or incompleted orders.


Payment method

Choose your payment method. PayPal and invoice are available. Also you can assign payment methods to your merchant in each case.

It is possible to search merchant.


Choose between "Define flat rate shipping charge", "Free shipping limit" or "Specify shipping charges by filter".

Define flat rate shipping charge: Here you can define a fixed shipping charge that your merchants must pay. This means your merchants will pay the same shipping charge regardless of the number of products ordered. You can specify exceptions to this rule in the next step. Please note that the shipping charges are specified net, excluding VAT.

Free shipping limit: Specify here the net merchandise value above which your merchants will not incur shipping charges.

Specify shipping charges by filter: Here you can filter products whose shipping charges are to be charged for each unit and assign a price to them. The amount of the shipping charges for the products selected here therefore depends on the order quantity. Please note that the shipping charges are specified net, excluding VAT.

Delivery terms

Choose the delivery terms you want to set. You can also upload your GT&C (Only PDF file format).

Is it possible to order products from you if they are not in stock?

Delivery note:
Will you enclose the delivery note of your merchant with the shipment if they request this?

Shipping charges:
Do you allow an optional live request of your shop's shipping charges?

Do you accept returns if an end customer returns merchandise to one of the merchants or cancels the order?