Backup the Client Administration

This guide describes how you back up the Enterprise Client Administration.

How to create a backup

1. The mysql database.

First of all, you have to back up the mysql database. The database is usually called shopware_client_administration.

You can do it e.g. with mysqldump:

mysqldump -u [username] -p shopware_client_administration > [filename].sql

2. The Parameters.yml

The second document to back up is the parameters.yml.

It can be found in the folder:


There you can find all hashes to encrypt and decrypt.

3. The upload directory

The last folder is the upload directory.


There are all hooks and each uploaded file.

It is sufficient to copy it.

cp ./ClientAdministration/uploads [Backup directory]

How to restore the backup

1. The mysql database

First you have to apply your sql file to the database.

CREATE DATABASE shopware_client_administration;
mysql -u root shopware_client_administration < [Backup directory].sql

2. The Parameters.yml

Override the default config ClientAdministration/app/config/parameters.yml with the backuped parameters.yml.

3. The Upload directory

The last step is to push back the uploads into the uploads directory.