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The B2B-Suite introduces the possibility to create offers. With these your customers have the chance to ask for

  • special discounts
  • special prices
  • free articles

As an example, you can grant a customer a discount of 500€ for an order or you sell your 1000 products for a price of 5€ per product instead of 6€.

Feature Overview

  • Ask for an offer
  • Get an overview of all your offers
  • Edit / delete offers
  • Create an order out of an offer
  • Get an overview of offers from the admin view
  • See the changes of an offer
  • Communicate with the customer

Ask for an offer

As a B2B-Customer, you can create an offer.

This can be done through converting your basket into an offer from the checkout process. Notice that you don't have to check the AGB checkbox.

After taken this actions, you will be redirected to an overview of your new offer.

There you can:

  • Go back to cart
  • Add / delete / edit products
  • Add / delete / Edit discount prices
  • Add / delete / edit a discount

After processing your offer request you can send it to an admin user.

Get an overview of all your offers

You can access an overview of all offer requests.

They can be searched and sorted by different criteria.

Clicking on the row or detail button opens the detail view.

Detail view

The offer detail view provides three different views.

  • An overview which shows the most important information. These are the original prices, the discount prices, the state and event dates.
  • A grid view of all items. There you can edit, delete and add items to the offer
  • A change view which provides a changelog of all actions witch are done in the context of this offer like adding items or comments.

Backend overview

Also, an additional view is added for the Shopware backend.

It can be accessed through the new menu item in the customers index tab.

This view shows an list of all offers which have to be processed by the admin.

Backend detail view

With the backend overview the admin can access the detail view of all offer requests.

The admin can modify the positions or the total discount of an offer to create an counter offer. After the modification from the admin, the status will be automatically set to admin declined. This can be done by changing the offer and sending it back.

But there are also actions which can be performed all the time.

  • Setting an execration date of an offer
  • Comment the offer to communicate with the customer

Create an Order

After an order has been accepted by the costumer and the admin it can be converted to an order.

This can be done with an button, which appears in the detail over view of the accepted offer request.

It redirects you to the checkout page.

You can still change the quantity to a value which is higher then the offer value and still add items to the cart.

Here you can order it or create a order clearance if necessary.

After creating the order it will be shown in the order overview. Also the changelog of the offer will be displayed in the the order comment history.

See the changes of your offer

This overview mainly serves the purpose to show you the current state and the past of your offer. You will see if the offer already have got approved, declined, or even send. Furthermore, all other changes will be shown there like changes of the discount, add items, removed items and price changes.

You can access it from the history in the offer detail overview.

There you can also find a button for creating comments.

Also the same functionality can be accessed from the backend.

The site can be accessed from the history tab of the offer detail view.