Example Plugins


In our documentation, we provide several example plugins how to extend the b2b-suite. In the following you can find a list with further descriptions:

Plugin Description
B2bAcl The most advanced Plugin to show our ACL implementation incl. frontend usage. It also shows the CRUD and listing usage
B2bAuditLog A very basic implementation of our audit log component.
B2bAjaxPanel Small example to show our Ajax Panels and how to use them
B2bContingentRuleItem This Plugins adds an own contingent restriction type to the default contingent system
B2bContingents An small CartAccessStrategy example. Allowing orders on specific Weekdays
B2bPrice A small implementation of another debtor price data source
B2bRestApi Small entry level Plugin to show the RestApi Routing
B2bLogin Exchange the E-Mail login with a staffnumber login